Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are designed to work on any browser and offer a range of benefits to businesses including:

  • Multi browser compatible - no requirement to create an App for Android and iOS
  • Fast - quicker to access after intial download
  • Works offline - can work offline and in areas of low connectivity
  • App like - works just like a Native App
  • Safe - always served via 'https'
  • Re-engagable - maintain engagement with Push Notifications
  • Installable - provides icons for homescreen installation
  • Sharable - can be shared using a URL

Push Notifications

When you send a Push Notification a Message Alert pops up beside your App Logo on their mobile Home screen. They can see instantly that its from your business and it doesn't get lost in endless emails or Facebook posts.  Promote Special Offers, change in opening times or change in Menu.

If you are a business that uses appointment bookings and you have a cancellation, you could send out a Push Notification offering a reduced price for the first person who books in at the cancelled time slot.  They get a bargain and you still receive a payment and don't lose a fee for that time.